The Making Of A Trilobite Tracker

We’re super happy you found the Trilobite Tracker’s blog, now learn more about them man behind the blog and the reason he’s crazy about fossils and how his obsession with these super cool rocks got started, in his own words.

59 year old retired Cricket Farmer…

Yes, I said cricket farmer. One of the best ideas my father ever had. The original plan was to supply Bait shops, but early on I realized the pet food market was a bigger and year round.

Our success was due in part to the appearance of the Australian bearded dragon in the early 1990’s. Geckos, anoles, tarantulas and many other critters also enjoyed our product. At one time we served over 150 pet shops and zoological gardens in Southern Indiana. I gained experience with many aspects of farming, chickens, rabbits, cattle, horses, goat, etc.

Our family also had a very successful truck farming operation with acres & acres of tomatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupes, watermelons, lettuce, and beans. Basically anything that would grow in our region and soil type. Read More…


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